5E Friday Classics

Session 4(?): We Attack the Darkness

We continue downstairs into the villa and fight some green fart clouds. The fart clouds manage to knock Sealya June unconscious but Arby Greenmill works some unexpected magic to bring her back into the fight. Once they were defeated we checked the door into the next room and found a floating black cold sphere with more green clouds hovering around it that appear to be defending it. Randall Blackthorne immediately closes the door to reconsider their actions.

After some deliberations and detecting the evil we decide to go ahead with our first instincts and rush blindly into the room swinging swords and spells.

Session 2 - The Old Hill Lair

Sealya, Algernon, and Arby had discovered a tunnel entrance into a hillock surrounded by a palisade. When we left off last time, we were just about to go in.

Starting this time, we go in. Hooray for continuity. Right off, we “discover” several pit traps by falling into them. Luckily, they seem to be built to capture intruders rather than kill them. Entangling nets are strung across them about 10’ down, so the traps were only a nuisance. We finally got smart and had Sealya probe ahead with her staff.

We come to a chamber with multiple small alcoves. It seems to be some sort of quarters with cots in the alcoves and a makeshift kitchen and eating table in the center. Algernon sneaks in and is surprised by the lone sentry, who backstabs him. Arby and Sealya manage to finish him off, but Algernon is knocked out. Two prisoners are bound and gagged, sitting in a corner. We untie them and discover they are Darrak Frostbeard and Randall Blackthorne (two players who couldn’t make it to the first game). Darrak heals Algernon and we tell them about our quest to resolve the strange monster problem plaguing Kusnir.

We discover a map in the quarters, showing the relative locations of Kusnir, this bandit camp, and a villa further downstream. The book we found on the family history of the Van Arthogs also makes reference to the villa. A couple of jottings on the map reference dopplegangers, so we think that Kusnir’s apparent doppleganger problem is tied somehow to this mysterious family villa.

The rest of the bandits come home and we have another pitched battle. Algernon casts an eldritch blast at a fleeing bandit through a small hole in the cave wall and hits him, and Sealya is effective with her firebolts. After a short rest, we loot the bodies and decide to lug all the loot back to Kusnir to sell.

Next time: The mysterious villa…

Session 1 - Into The Woods

We met together, by happenstance, at the tavern in the town of Kusnir. We were then approached by Papa Kurst, who was looking for some adventurers to rid the town of some sort of monster that had been stealing babies. We tried staking out the town square overnight, but nothing showed itself.

After gathering some rumors, we decided that it must be a local Kobold problem and we left town in search of the Kobold camp. On the way, we encountered Urquant, a monk of the Tower of the Heavens who was in some distress. He had gone seeking the hermit Quern, and found him killed in the mouth of his cave. He feared that whatever killed Quern would still be lurking in his cave, but he needed to retrieve Quern’s writings. We went into the cave and fought the, uh, thing. I still don’t know what it was. But it nearly strangled poor Sealya.

After the customary looting and sacking, we had to figure out how to get past the plant guarding the entrance to the chamber beyond. A clue in a piece of Quern’s furniture gave us the answer – using one of his quills.

We got in, Urquant retrieved Quern’s journals, and we ended up with a family history of the Van Arthogs.

Journeying onwards, we eventually find a palisade around a hillock. We can see helmets and spears peeking over the top of the palisade, but Sealya notices that they are unnaturally still. We go through the gate to find they are simply decoys. After quickly checking the watchtower at the top of the hill, we move toward the cave or tunnel going into the hill…

…And we left off on this cliffhanger over the protests of R.



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