5E Friday Classics

Session 1 - Into The Woods

We met together, by happenstance, at the tavern in the town of Kusnir. We were then approached by Papa Kurst, who was looking for some adventurers to rid the town of some sort of monster that had been stealing babies. We tried staking out the town square overnight, but nothing showed itself.

After gathering some rumors, we decided that it must be a local Kobold problem and we left town in search of the Kobold camp. On the way, we encountered Urquant, a monk of the Tower of the Heavens who was in some distress. He had gone seeking the hermit Quern, and found him killed in the mouth of his cave. He feared that whatever killed Quern would still be lurking in his cave, but he needed to retrieve Quern’s writings. We went into the cave and fought the, uh, thing. I still don’t know what it was. But it nearly strangled poor Sealya.

After the customary looting and sacking, we had to figure out how to get past the plant guarding the entrance to the chamber beyond. A clue in a piece of Quern’s furniture gave us the answer – using one of his quills.

We got in, Urquant retrieved Quern’s journals, and we ended up with a family history of the Van Arthogs.

Journeying onwards, we eventually find a palisade around a hillock. We can see helmets and spears peeking over the top of the palisade, but Sealya notices that they are unnaturally still. We go through the gate to find they are simply decoys. After quickly checking the watchtower at the top of the hill, we move toward the cave or tunnel going into the hill…

…And we left off on this cliffhanger over the protests of R.



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