Randall Blackthorne

Human Fighter


"Let my sword be your shield."

"Gold is a language. Speak it."

Noble Background 2nd Level Dusky skin, blue eyes, brown hair pulled back into two short ponytails, one above the other. Dressed in a fine crimson and blue shirt, which is striped vertically, and embroidered leather pants and armor. Embossed in the armor is the sigil of his house, a black rose.


Randal Blackthrone is the youngest of three brothers. Due to the unlikelihood of him ever taking over his father's position as Lord, he has taken on the role of a defender and hero to the common people. In doing so, he hopes to garner respect for his family name. Father: Darry Blackthorne. Strict but just ruler. (Think Tywinn Lannister) Keeper of External Affairs and Judical System Mother: Lureene Blackthorne. Intelligent and kind. In charge of domain financials. Keeper of internal affairs, commerce, and legislature. Oldest Brother: Helm Blackthorne. Reserved and patient but bound by duty (Think Rob Stark). Middle Brother: Marlak Blackthorne. Ambitous but loving of his brothers. Is being groomed to be a prominent member of the court once old enough.

Randall Blackthorne

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