Ye Olde Loot Pyle

From Quern’s Cave
40 cp, 16 sp, 10 gp
Reel of golden thread
A block of uncarved ivory
A left slipper

From the Pit Cave
100 copper
210 silver
60 gold
(A whole bunch of other stuff before I found this page to edit this post.)
Lionskin, 50 ft. Rope
2 Sacks with all the other crap he just listed off.
Black cloak over leather armor
daggers x6
Thieves Tools
Ordinary Tinderbox
Strange Vial. Liquid = true. Unknown but non-magical.
Pill box containing two tablets. Like, Altoids tablets.
Scroll – Illusionist spell. 3 spells. Magic Mouth, Dispell Magic, and Waterbreathing
Loot From Villa
Periphat of Health (Held by Sealya June )
Potion of Dimmenuation
6 Gems

  • 800g
  • 100g
  • 4×60g
    3 books
  • Glacial Zoology
  • Art of course angling
  • Some illustrated book with pages ripped out

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Ye Olde Loot Pyle

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